Peruvian Traffic

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Peruvian Traffic

Post by Martin Hash » Thu Dec 16, 2021 1:42 pm

Lima has 20 million inhabitants. It’s very difficult to get a driver’s license in Peru but apparently not difficult enough because the roads are absolutely packed. Drivers will run stop signs, drive through gas stations and on sidewalks. No one stops at a stop sign, and if they did, those behind them would get angry: a stop sign is only a place to honk your horn. Americans would be annoyed by the amount of horn-blowing going on in other countries, and you have to listen because no one’s going to stop, they’re just letting you know they’re coming.


My wife, Gwynne, enticed me to walk to McDonald’s which was about an hour away but really and hour and a half through some of the worst traffic Lima has to offer, including walking through all the liter, noise, air pollution and rudeness; and when we got to the pin on Google Maps, it was a giant shopping mall that required a vaxx to get in. Cashing my White foreigner card, we just walked the check-station without stopping, ignoring the calls that we halt. It was worth it just to see the multiple Christmas trees, one made out of beer bottles & glasses.

Jockey Plaza.JPG
Jockey Plaza

The place was packed and the McDonald’s was huge. I should have ordered a cheese burger instead of a Big Mac because that’s what I always order when traveling. Gwynne bought a Happy Meal to get the weird foreign toy then it was back through the traffic gauntlet. When we got back to our apartment, Gwynne gave the toy who our grandson who very conscientiously walked over and threw it in the trash.

Happy Meal Toy.JPG
Happy Meal toy
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