Seattle Waterfront – April 2, 2021

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Seattle Waterfront – April 2, 2021

Post by Martin Hash » Fri Apr 30, 2021 8:45 am

Seattle is Washington’s premiere city, and is always exciting to visit, particularly Pike’s Place at the waterfront. The bread-bowl clam chowder is always a draw, and I like seafood in general, especially fried oysters. It was chilly, and I’d forgotten my jacket, so I bought a cheap “Seattle” sweatshirt with the “Fraser” design on the front; an icon that only Boomers would love. My wife, Gwynne, wouldn’t leave until we found the “gum wall.” Nearby was a machine with stale gumballs which she chewed up and stuck on the wall. There were a couple young kids standing next to us holding their noses who were grossed out; me too.

Gum Wall c.JPG

It’s been awhile since we’ve been and they’ve added a Ferris Wheel; of course, Gwynne wanted to ride it. I was more interested in the vintage comicbook shop but, whatever, they served beer in the waiting line. The ride was a stop-n-go affair, perfect for looking out over the bay; easily worth the ticket price. I always enjoy visiting Seattle; last time we were there was for a Century Club meeting (a 100+ countries visited travel club) that transitioned into a Gay Pride parade, and I even lived nearby for a while in 1993 during the Grunge era, but for now I’m okay just visiting occasionally.

Ferris Wheel.JPG
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