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Travel Advice

Post by Martin Hash » Mon Mar 22, 2021 3:03 pm

Not to get too personal, but I've been on some difficult backpacking treks that involved dirt and pine needles ending up in unsavory orifices.

While taking a ferry to the St. John National Park in the Virgin Islands, we went by Jeffrey Epstein’s islands; not much there; certainly not what I imagined.

Traveling around the world costs less than a new car; stay in hostels and ride public buses along with the chickens.

During travel, all Americans are painted with the same brush.

Finances are one of the biggest stresses of travel.

I’ve traveled extensively, with many stories that would frighten most people; these experiences cannot be judged morally.

Tipping assures tour-guides don't let themselves be monopolized by only a couple people.

Take advantage of every opportunity to soak in a natural hot springs.

When I traveled through the Middle East, some of the little shops had planes-flying-into-buildings motifs on cloth, art & toys.

I'm always contemplating what my next travel adventure might be?

Home is better when you travel.

I usually keep my eye out when traveling. (I say "eye out" because I lost the vision in my right eye a couple months ago on the Pamir Highway on the border between Tajikistan & Kyrgyzstan.)

Compared to the rest of the world, service in America is spectacular.

Go to Easter Island for Christmas, Christmas Island on Easter, because that’s what travel people do.

Pavement is not something the 4X4 crowd care much about.

St. Petersburg, Russia is still like it was at the turn of the 20th Century: beautiful stone estates, one after the other; giant gardens with hundreds of fountains; onyx-coated walls in opulent rooms; all run down since the revolution but still awe-inspiring; the first thing I said to my wife was, "no wonder these people had a revolution."

Some people view travel as an opportunity to see and experience new things, while others see it as as source of braggadocio, while I see travel as an environment in which to be creative.

I counsel Americans not to travel if they're sensitive to Europeans bagging on America, or if they do travel, travel with other Americans.

Went through Eastern Europe with my wife in 1980; was even searched at Checkpoint Charlie.

Fried grubs are certainly yummy but the word “maggot” kind of takes the shine off.

The only upside of jetlag is feeling superior to the next poor jetlag guy.

Christmas in Disney World on the most crowded day of the year is what makes it spectacular.

I make it a simple rule never to stay anyplace that requires tipping.

Cargo shorts are good for all occasions if they have zip-on legs.

The adventure of travel starts just trying to pack the leanest for the meanest.

Fact is, when I’m eating cuy (guinea pig) roasted on an open flame, and trout (raw) ceviche, along with a Peruvian dark beer, I can’t wait to get home to some Bud Light and McDonald’s hamburger.

3 weeks is a good travel trip; not too short, not too long.

I’ve been around the world and lived in the Bush for months; whatever fits in a small backpack is what I take.

“Poor” people in Peru are on a whole other level than “poor” people in the U.S.

If you don't travel, at least read about it.

Thumbs Up in Iran means "up yours!"

Don’t go on a cruise that welcomes children unless you have children.

When I travel, and all the Americans are saying they're Canadian, I say, "American," even though that sometimes causes problems and other nationalities are telling me not to do it.

America is the most courteous place I’ve ever lived or been.

See the ferry crossing from Congo to DRC for what happens without laws.
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