Lincoln Museum - September 30, 2019

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Lincoln Museum - September 30, 2019

Post by Martin Hash » Tue May 12, 2020 3:27 pm

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Gwynne has always been an Abraham Lincoln fan, and traveling through Springfield, IL, we were in Lincoln country; lots of Lincoln stuff to see, but the highlight was the Lincoln Museum. We had to wait for a long line of disabled veterans who were all there together from other States; that was cool on its own, and we hadn't even seen anything yet. The building was spacious, and the exhibits were interestingly done with sound and some animatronics. The anteroom leading into the Lincoln history walking tour had its walls covered with evil-looking political cartoons, and the speakers were blarring truly despicable slurs made about Lincoln during his presidency; my wife, Gwynne, said, “that sounds exactly how they talk about president Trump!” I agreed.

My favorite part of the whole exhibit was the large gift shop. I started a budding Lincoln collection there: a Lincoln shot glass, of course with a Lincoln penny embedded in it; a portrait history of all the presidents ending in Trump which itself was surreal; a Spiderman comic book with Obama on the front with the Lincoln Monument in the background; and a Lincoln commemorative coin to put in the “treasure chest” with all the others I'm collecting for my grandkids-to-be. I could have bought a lot more Lincoln stuff but had to leave something for other people.

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