Caribbean Cruise

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Caribbean Cruise

Post by Martin Hash » Tue Mar 17, 2020 5:05 pm

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My wife, Gwynne, and I, have been on a Caribbean cruise before. In fact, my children all have too, but there’re all old and moved away now, with families of their own. That’s why when my oldest son called to ask if we wanted to go on a cruise to Cuba for Christmas, our answer was an emphatic yes. Even my youngest son and his Peruvian family signed on. Over the next couple months we booked passage & airfare. Imagine our disappointment when President Trump restricted all traffic to Cuba from U.S. ports.
“At least we’re can get our money back,” I told Gwynne upon hearing of the catastrophe.
“Not on your life,” Gwynne announced to me. “If all the kids have agreed to be in one place, we’re staying on that ship wherever it’s going.”
We didn’t know what the new itinerary was for weeks and. Frankly, I didn’t ask even when we did because what difference would it make? I decided to just be surprised wherever the boat docked.

Though my kids had been on several cruises, their spouses hadn’t, so the luxurious dining, nightly entertainment, silent disco, and exotic locales were heaven sent it made no difference that the ship, The Empress of the Seas, was the smallest in the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line fleet because of its normally Cuban port docking; nor that the Art, language & drinks were Cuban. It was the second best thing to actually being there.

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