Route 66 - Day 5, Tulsa to Clinton, OK

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Route 66 - Day 5, Tulsa to Clinton, OK

Post by Martin Hash » Tue Oct 08, 2019 12:56 am

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It's always good to start the day with something big, and while leaving Tulsa, my wife, Gwynne, and I were lucky enough to get a 2-fer: a giant Coke bottle and a giant gas pump. The pump was a lure to get us into the Heart of Route 66 Auto Museum. It was small but the first place I’d seen an amphibian car since my grandfather showed me one as a kid. “You can’t have one,” Gwynne told me, but I secretly had plans.

Amphibian Car s.jpg

It seemed more than coincidental that next up was the Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum. When I met Gwynne, I rode a Honda Elsinore 250 motorcycle, and our first year of marriage, I had a Honda 750, but now I know that I want a 1958 Harley Davidson Sportster. I know that because the one on display called to me, so I immediately checked eBay for a price; hmmm... Maybe I should renew my motorcycle license first. The museum also the first plumbed outhouse in Oklahoma but we didn't use it.

1st Plumbed Outhouse.JPG

Gwynne was careful where we stopped after I had told her the various vehicles I was contemplating buying, but she did let me stop at a round barn in Arcadia before the patriarch of the day's attractions; a giant pop bottle, much bigger than the giant Coke bottle we'd started the day with; that's two in one day. Coincidentally enough, the pop bottle was used to advertise a store called Pops, which coincidentally enough, sold pop. There were 1000s of rare brands but both Gwynne & I had enough pop for one day.

Pop Bottle.JPG
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