Kings Canyon National Park

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Kings Canyon National Park

Post by Martin Hash » Mon Sep 16, 2019 4:01 pm

King Canyon National Park, the other National Park in the Sequoia National Forest in California, started out as the General Grant National Park in 1890, and it still sports the General Grant Giant Sequoia, the 2nd largest tree in the world, but the name was changed in 1940 to include Kings Canyon itself, plus prevent any further hydroelectric development. The most impressive site in the park wasn't even the canyon, it was a giant millennia old hollow Sequoia laying on the ground so that tourists could walk through it.

Hollow Tree.JPG

The Pacific Crest Trail travels North-South through the park but it was decided to not further develop the park for tourists so there’s nothing to see unless you plan to backpack at least overnight. My wife, Gwynne, and I took advantage of the Ranger Station and single overlook then headed back the way we came along the only road. Of note, Kings Canyon Lodge is the only place left that uses old-fashioned, gravity-fed gas-pumps, and they sell ice cream too.

Kings Canyon Lodge Gas Pumps.jpg
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