Sequoia National Park, CA

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Sequoia National Park, CA

Post by Martin Hash » Tue Aug 27, 2019 7:30 am

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Not to be confused with Sequoia National Forest, of which it’s a part, or Giant Sequoia National Monument, which it abuts, the park was much more than Sequoia trees, though there are a multitude. First off, upon entry, while talking about bears with my wife, Gwynne, a Black Bear cub stopped right in front of us on the road, checked out what was going on for a minute or two, then wandering on into the woods. That was a first for us and nobody else was around to share it with.

Bear Cub s.jpg

Nearby was a surprisingly breathtaking view from the top of Moro Rock, up a trail that would be impossible to build in today’s PC culture. Of course, we drove on the Auto Log, and through the Tunnel Log. We hiked through the idyllic meadows and climbed over ancient fallen behemoths. The scenery is beyond Mountain Man beautiful, which is obviously why it’s a famous National Park.

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