Rafting in Lunahuana, Peru

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Rafting in Lunahuana, Peru

Post by Martin Hash » Thu Jan 13, 2022 8:40 am

All of my kids were gathered in Peru for Christmas and we wanted to do things together. River rafting is always high on our list so we booked a combo tour of 4-wheeling, rafting & zip-line. You can never tell how good something like that will be, and it started inauspiciously with the lamest 4-wheeling ever: even the scenery was poor. That was followed by honey-tasting: a new one for us but not that interesting, then a wine tasting event I discreetly exited from: all indicators pointed down.
Gwynne on 4-Wheeler.JPG
Gwynne on 4-wheeler

We had a typical lunch then headed out on the bus to finally go rafting. Considering the size of the group and the number of seemingly inexperienced people, our expectations were low… But it was actually pretty good, at least a level 3 which means everyone gets wet but no one falls out of the boat. Because of our boldness & paddling manpower, our raft was far in front and our steersman expertly took advantage of the rapids for maximum thrill, and enough time in the water.
Heath, Gwynne & Jessica Rafting.jpg
Heath, Gwynne & Jessica in raft

After that, I didn’t care how the zip-line went, but it was also a pleasant surprise: going back and forth across the river with no stalling and minimal fuss. I’m thinking the bottle of pisco I drank on the way there probably contributed significantly to the entertainment.

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