Utah State Fair

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Utah State Fair

Post by Martin Hash » Mon Sep 13, 2021 7:39 am


Though I was born in Utah, I’ve never been to the State Fair but I’m excused because I haven’t lived there since I was 6-months old. However, since we happened to be in Salt Lake during showtime, we went. SLC is Mormon but I could still walk around with a beer, otherwise it was as you’d expect if you’re a State Fair goer but with a few unique qualities: there was axe-throwing, a missionaries booth, and I’d never seen a giant butter sculpture before?

Butter Sculpture.JPG

Perhaps the most unique thing we saw was a Beatles tribute band complete with colorful Sergeant Pepper costumes: not one of musicians was under 75, but the singer still hit the notes & jammed the guitar during “Come Together,” and “The End.”

Beattles Cover Band.JPG

We went with my grandson, Felix, pulled in a wagon courtesy of his mother, Marian. Felix was especially impressed by the cow barn: “vaca, vaca, vaca,” he kept saying since Spanish is his first language, and he was enraptured when one starting dropping dung. He also enjoyed petting the sheep.

Mirian Pulling Felix.JPG

I can’t say we’ll ever go to another Utah State fair but I can’t say we won’t either.

I got a picture of the missionaries booth: they gave me a little Jesus pamphlet

“Survival of the Slowest” exhibit.
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