General Theory of the Universe

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General Theory of the Universe

Post by Martin Hash » Thu Feb 25, 2021 6:52 pm


When Albert Einstein was a 26-years old, a patent clerk, he wrote 4 papers , the nature of mass, energy & time, that launched him into the stratosphere of fame. His concepts were that foundation of astrophysics, something I only touched on in my many studies but always figured I’d come back around and check it out. My ego is such that there’s no way that astrophysicists are any more intelligent than me; hey, I'm a patent agent, but whenever I looked into atomic particles, and sub-atomic particles, and quarks it seemed unduly opaque; not to mention the crazy science fiction aspects that defied belief, especially when every 3rd issue of Science magazine had a new theory of the universe, none of which were too convincing, and all seemed way too complex. Finally, I figured it was my turn to develop a General Theory of the Universe: so I got a good night’s sleep, woke up early, listened to a couple YouTube videos on the subject to kickstart my brain, and then went back to sleep to contemplate it.

The answers came quickly but as is often the case of dream-thinking, I wondered if I’d remember what I’d come up with when I woke up. To check, I’d tell my wife, Gwynne, of my conclusions during our daily morning walk. Over the next few weeks, whenever a General Theory idea would come to me in my dreams, I’d tell Gwynne about it. I kept thinking I needed to wake myself up and write all this stuff down before it blows away like so much mist in the wind, and in fact, this morning I did exactly that; so here’s my General Theory of the Universe. Feel free to stop reading now, and just assume I said something insightful & awesome; that would leave us both in an unaggitated state, but in case you do read on, I want to make it clear that all of this has probably been thought up before by several people, if not all of them; I can only say that I derived the ideas myself, though much of it’s a succinct regurgitation of something I may have heard in the past by people who do astrophysics for a living:

1. Time is linear & constant,
2. There’s conservation of matter & energy: energy can turn into matter and vice versa.
3. Mass creates gravity proportional to the mass.
4. Gravity fields are 3- dimensional attractive force depending on their mass.
5. Any point in space has the combined energy of all gravitational fields and all the light passing through it.
6. All waves have length on a spectrum: light, electromagnetic down to radio.
7. Waves can be trapped together in a vibrating standing wave that creates a gravitational field, hence mass. Different standing waves are different particles : Alpha, atoms, electrons, etc. The standing waves vibrate between their 2 stable states, one the inverse of the other.
8. Magnetism is all the discrete waves vibrating synchronized. As more and more waves synchronize, the poles get stronger.
9. The particles are attracted to one another via gravity/magnetism and they coalesce.
10. When the coalescing gets massive enough, gravity tears apart the stable waves, called heat, which are again emitted as light: this is how suns work.
11. Energy from light charges atoms to overcome the gravitational attraction of each other; this is why the universe is expanding.
12. However, gravity still causes mass to coalesce, which is where planets come from.
13. When all the light is gone, mass stops moving and the universe stops expanded; a lot of energy is stored as potential energy, the distance between the masses; it’s this potential energy that accounts for so-called “dark matter;” the missing energy in the universe.
14. Gravitational attraction then causes matter to collapse back into larger and larger masses.
15. When the accumulation is massive enough, a Black Hole forms.
16. The overwhelming gravity pulls back apart the atoms into their component wave, light, which propel through the Black Hole which is the opposite pole.
17. On the other side of the Black Hole, the light then reforms into matter which expands; the birth of a negative universe.
18. The Black hole is spinning due to the opposite poles so light spits out through in a spiral, which gives galaxies their shape; and light sputters through at different rates, sometimes with great pauses, which is why stars & galaxies are separated.

And that’s the General Theory of the Universe in 1 page.

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