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I learned about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in a college psychology class not long after it was published. It starting with everyone’s base physiological needs, followed closely by safety then belonging, esteem and on the top of the pyramid: self-actualization. I probably heard a lecture about what “self-actualization” was at the time but as an early-20s man-child, I hadn’t yet gained wisdom, and didn’t comprehend, which is probably why I don’t remember it. Now as mature adult who has spent a lifetime pursuing wisdom, I made it a point to revisit the traits of self-actualization to see if I’d achieved it?

1. Autonomy is the most important aspect of self-actualization: self-reliant, resourceful & innovative.
2. Acceptance: accept yourself, others & and world around you for what it is; perfection is a myth; flaws are accepted with humor & tolerance; change is a constant and chaos is just as natural as order.
3. Independent: never rely solely on opinions of others; have an innate disposition for critical thinking; rely on your own judgment to reach conclusions.
4. Spontaneous: driven by your own motivations, unconcerned of how others perceive you.
5. Visionary: pursue missions larger than yourself.
6. Authenticity: see things as they really are; can quickly identify dishonesty & artificiality.
7. Solitary: comfortable being alone with the ability to entertain yourself.
8. Appreciative: recognizing the magnificence of the world & life and it’s many manifestations: smells, tastes & beauty.
9. Light-hearted: the ability to laugh at yourself, without cynicism nor insults.
10. Oneness: the belief that humanity is capable of great wonders & imagination.

The short answer is yes, got it. The biggest thing to recognize is that none of these traits rely on the opinions of others: it’s not up to someone else to determine whether you’ve succeeded in any of them, it’s only up to you to perform; there are no gatekeepers blocking access to your personal goals. Unfortunately, self-actualization has gone the way of liberty; students are now indoctrinated to be at the mercy of the group: to do, think & act like everyone else, or be shunned, scorned, mocked & ridiculed. Self-actualization was the pinnacle of the Enlightenment, a short half century then it was gone; Male Boomers may be the only ones who remember and they’ll soon be gone too.

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Re: Self-Actualization

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