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My Opinion

Post by Martin Hash » Mon Feb 03, 2020 4:02 pm

I'm at that interesting, Men-of-a-Certain-Age, period of my life where no one wants my opinion, no matter how based it might be, whatever wisdom it might contain, or how much effort it would reduce. Life is just like that; I didn't care what my elders thought, and now I'm an elder. At least that's the impression I've been living with the last decade or so, but I noticed that when I turned 60, a lot of people started asking my opinion, hooray! First there was the Republican National Committee who sent me a survey. It had large type, presumably so I could read it easier with my failing, old person eyesight. It was in a big envelope with lots of other oversized things and that made me feel important. After all the attention, the least they thought I could do was send a donation, so they had thoughtfully included a big envelope for that, with easy to select amount suggestions, along with a pre-printed Thankyou note. That was very thoughtful of them but I'm not a Republican.

Republican Strategy Survey.jpg

Soon after that, President Trump sent me a giant envelope like the first one. President Trump also wanted my opinion, and he had included another survey in large type. I don't know exactly what the questions were because I didn't read them, just like I didn't read the first ones, but I certainly saw the big donation envelope with easy to select amount suggestions, and another pre-printed Thankyou note.

Trump Platform Survey.jpg

The opinion-seekers got serious after that: for example, the National Parks sent their survey in a smaller envelope, but there were more color pictures. The easy to select donation envelope was right on top. I like the National Parks; one of my goals is to see all of them, but I didn't read the survey and I didn't check one of the donations boxes. But that's not all, the U.S. Census wants my opinion, and Dun & Bradstreet wants it too.

National Park Survey.jpg
2020 Census.jpg
Dunn & Bradstreet.jpg

The coolest was that the NRA wants my opinion, even though I don't belong to their club. In fact, I don't even own a gun, though I like the idea that people can own guns if they want to, I just don't want to. The NRA include a very cool NRA Member sticker I can put on the front window of my house; I guess to scare away potential burglars who might think I have a gun and would use it on them? I think there was a survey in the NRA envelope, but I know they gave me an opportunity to send back a donation. I kind of like the fact that the NRA stands up to loud, obnoxious people, but I didn't send them any money; maybe if one of those loud,, obnoxious people is loud & obnoxious to me, next time I will?

NRA Survey.jpg

I guess my first impression that nobody wanted my opinion anymore was wrong because now it seems everyone wants my opinion. My opinion must be pretty good.
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