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Star Wars

Post by Martin Hash » Sun Sep 22, 2019 6:24 am

I can still remember in 1977 driving on Fulton Ave in Sacramento past the new Century 21 movie theater and being startled by the marque sign saying “STAR WARS” in big black letters. I’d never heard of the movie but with a name like that, it had to be good. I started hearing about how popular Star Wars was, with lines going around the block, and after a couple attempts I got to see it in a matinee. It was okay, and the space ships were spectacular, but the story was worse than juvenile. I was a sophisticated science fiction reader at the time and I was sure Harlan Ellison would have hated Star Wars. By the end of that first trilogy, I was done, and when the Ewoks movie came on TV, I thought the franchise was toast, but it became such a cultural phenomenon that I just kept getting roped into seeing increasingly bad movies by my kids; we still have the original VHS, falling apart after decades.


In 1986, my family took a trip to the World Expo Vancouver, Canada. The first morning we passed a used bookstore near the gates, and I took my 5-year old son, Heath, in because there were used comic books in the window. My wife’s uncle who was with us said, “you’re letting a 5-year old walk around this store by himself?” I didn’t answer because I thought the question was rhetorical. I bought Star Wars 1-29 but decades later I still haven’t even read one. When Heath was in his twenties, he sold some of them on eBay but I still have a stack cluttering up the place.

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For Christmases and Thanksgivings, the whole family would get together, buy chintzy Star Wars t-shirts, and all sit in the front row watching that drek. Once we all saw it together on Christmas in Vietnam with Vietnamese subtitles. Last time I ate a pot brownie just to make it through. If anything, Star Wars has gotten even worse since Disney bought it, and I'm hoping I never have to see another one. Thing is, what are we going to watch on Christmas; superhero movies aren't any better?

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