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Hobby Lobby

Post by Martin Hash » Wed May 01, 2019 9:11 am

My wife, Gwynne, loves to do crafts but she'd never been to the famous crafts store, Hobby Lobby. I told her I'd start going shopping with her if she needed company, and she mentioned there was a Hobby Lobby in Oregon that had Easter grass for only 60 cents a bag, and did I want to go. I'd never been to a Hobby Lobby either so I rode with her.

Hobby Lobby is a big place full of women; I might have been the only guy in there. Gwynne found the Easter grass right away and bought 4 bags but she asked if I wanted to look around the store first before we went. I was already kind of bored and was ready to go home but I told her I'd come, and it seemed unfair to spoil her fun so, sure, lets walk up-and-down the aisles for 15 minutes and get outta Dodge. Turns out, there's lots of cool stuff in Hobby Lobby; right off the bat I found a colored lava lamp, had to have that; then there was a Dr. Seuss poster that would look great at the bottom of the stairs, and a new picture to replace the faded giraffe picture in the bathroom, and a plastic frog shower stool for less than $7, and Oregon doesn't have Sales tax.

Dr. Suess Map.jpg
Kid Stool.jpg
Lava Lamp.jpg

Each time we took a few steps, I put something else into the cart: a Bedazzler so we could stamp bling on Gwynne's new denim pants, one of those dunking birds that runs all on its own with a glass of water, an hourglass that uses a magnet and iron pyrite, some bubbly things, some stickers, a little jewelry box shaped like a princesses carriage, and more exotic things. For example, I found an iron moose head to hang in the Guest room, and a flag frame for the U.S. flag that flew over the White House my son received when he became an Eagle Scout. I bought a lot of cool stuff; the first cart filled up, so I had to get a second cart. Gwynne pushed the first overloaded one, which let me get ahead of her but she caught up to me when I was looking at a giant dollhouse I was going to buy for the granddaughter we might have someday. Gwynne said we didn't have a granddaughter nor anyplace to build a dollhouse but I found a glass construction table with a tilting top and several drawers you could see into for supplies; Gwynne said no. In fact, Gwynne started saying no to everything, though I was able to sneak a few small things in when she had her head turned.

Tipping Bird.jpg
Magnet Hourglass.jpg
Doll House.jpg

It got to the point where we still had a few aisles to go when Gwynne said stop, that we were done, and I was supposed to wheel my cart up to the cash register line. I asked her why we were stopping early and she told me she was tired and she'd come back again later... By herself. Looking at the 2 baskets of good stuff we had bought at Hobby Lobby, I felt quite a thrill, and did I mention there's no Sales tax in Oregon? I guessed it would cost $250; I was wrong by only 12 cents; I'm good at guessing prices like that. Gwynne didn't seem very impressed; she just told me it was the most expensive Easter grass she'd ever bought.

Easter Grass s.jpg
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Re: Hobby Lobby

Post by DBTrek » Wed May 01, 2019 9:23 am

Quite an impressive haul.
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Re: Hobby Lobby

Post by Kath » Wed May 01, 2019 9:51 am

I'm not the big shopper like Nerd is, unless I'm in an extremely manic state. I can relate to this completely!

This made me laugh: she just told me it was the most expensive Easter grass she'd ever bought.

I am wondering how long of a drive you took to save approximately two dollars.
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